Zizzi Italian Restaurant
1 Roxburgh Court

+44(0)131 226 2661

Overall score: ★★★★★

I know that some people get a bit snobby about chain restaurants. True, while they will never have as much character and flare as Edinburgh’s brilliant independent eateries, you’ve got to admit that there are some that are excellent at catering for vegans. Case in point: Zizzi’s.

This Italian restaurant has lots of branches across the UK, with four in Edinburgh alone, so it’s fair to say that Zizzi has plenty of experience catering for people with dietary requirements. In fact, when Mr B and I arrived and told them we required the vegan menu, we were handed a book that outlined the menu for every diet under the sun: gluten-free, dairy-free, low calorie… You name it, it was there!

Vegan food at Zizzi Edinburgh

But I am here to talk about the vegan grub, so let’s get stuck in. Here’s what’s on the vegan menu at the time of writing:


  • Zizzi mixed olives
  • Nocellara giganti olives
  • Zizzi spicy nuts
  • Vegan bruschetta
  • Vegan garlic bread


  • Green goddess broccoli salad Tenderstem broccoli on cannelini beans, courgette ribbons and mixed leaves tossed in super green pesto with balsamic tomatoes, radish, watercress and toasted omega seeds


  • Vegan Rustica margherita Tomato, vegan mozzarella alternative (made with coconut oil) and basil on Zizzi’s bigger, thinner, crispier Rustica base
  • Vegan classic margherita Tomato, vegan mozzarella alternative (made with coconut oil) and basic on Zizzi’s regular pizza base. Can also be made gluten-free
  • Choice of the following additional toppings (for an additional cost): artichokes, butternut squash, caramelised balsamic onions, roasted garlic cloves, fire roasted peppers, field mushrooms, black olives, red chillies, balsamic tomatoes, roasted red onions, spinach, smoked chilli jelly, pine nuts


  • Vegan lentil ragu Rich Italian lentil ragu with linguine and fresh oregano
  •  Vegan spaghetti pomodoro Zizzi’s tomato sauce with baby plum tomatoes and basil
  • Choice of the following additions (for an additional cost): artichokes, fire roasted peppers, field mushrooms, black olives, red chillies, roasted red onions, spinach, pine nuts


  • Fried herby potatoes
  • Tenderstem broccoli
  • Mixed leaf, tomato and spring onion salad
  • Green beans
  • Italian naked slaw
  • Lentil ragu


  • Sticky chocolate and praline torte A dairy-free chocolate torte with a date, hazelnut and walnut base. Served with coconut and chocolate ripple gelato
  • Choice of the following gelato by the scoop: Coconut and chocolate ripple, lemon sorbet, strawberry sorbet
  • Choice of the following toppings (at an additional cost): Prosecco and passion fruit coulis, caramelised pecans

Some of the dishes listed above have omni / lacto-ovo counterparts, so let your server know that you’re ordering from the vegan menu to avoid any confusion.

Gin and tonic at Zizzi Edinburgh
Any good meal must start with gin
The vegan menu at Zizzi Edinburgh
Our dedicated vegan menu! Hooray!
Vegan garlic bread at Zizzi Edinburgh
Ohmygoodness garlic bread
Light at Zizzi Edinburgh
The Roxburgh Court Zizzi restaurant is a lovely setting
Vegan garlic bread at Zizzi Edinburgh
And yes, those are whole cloves of garlic
Vegan lentil ragu at Zizzi Edinburgh
Lentil ragu
Vegan pizza at Zizzi Edinburgh
Zizzi’s special Rustica pizza with field mushrooms, caramelised balsamic onions and pine nuts #yum
Vegan food at Zizzi Edinburgh
Tasty pasta is tasty
Vegan pizza at Zizzi Edinburgh
This is what a vegan pizza looks like.
Vegan lentil ragu at Zizzi Edinburgh
Oooh ragu… I do love you!
Vegan chocolate and praline torte at Zizzi Edinburgh
Chocolate and praline torte
Chocolate and Praline Torte
This is what a vegan dessert looks like #downwithfruitsalad

As you can see in the pics above, Mr B and I really loved our meal at Zizzi. To start we had a paddle of vegan garlic bread, which was so big we shared it between us. We picked off the whole garlic cloves, which looked a little bit intimidating to be honest, but the bread itself was so flavoursome and crispy. I would have quite happily munched through a whole portion myself, but I wanted to save my precious stomach real estate for the main event.

For the main course, I had the lentil ragu while Mr B had the Rustica pizza with caramelised balsamic onions, mushrooms and pine nuts. I am always intrigued by the cheese alternatives at pizza restaurants, and I must say the coconut-based alternative used here was very good. My lentil ragu was also filling and tasty.

For dessert, we decided to share a chocolate and praline tart. Already full of garlic bread and ragu, I am glad that I didn’t have a whole slice to myself as it was very, very rich. However, as a self-certified vegan chocoholic I must say that it is an absolute must-try.

Get snobby about chain restaurants if you like, but Zizzi have absolutely nailed their vegan menu. The food is absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to go back for some great Italian comfort food soon!

We visited the Zizzi at Roxburghe Court, but it’s worth noting that there are also Zizzi branches on Queensferry Street (West End), in Ocean Terminal (Leith) and at Edinburgh Quay (Fountainbridge). 

Choice: ★★★★☆
Menu info: ★★★★★
Deliciousness: ★★★★★
Value for money: ★★★★☆

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