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Yocoko Noodle Bar Edinburgh

Yocoko Noodle Bar

Yocoko Noodle Bar
45 South Bridge

Overall score: ★★★☆☆

Yocoko Noodle Bar is a bit of a cult favourite in Edinburgh. Whenever I pass on the street, it always seems to be full of people chowing down on delicious cheap noodles. There’s a lot going for this place – its excellent location means that it is a great stop for those exploring the Royal Mile, and their constant churn of customers is a testament to how tasty the food is.

I recently heard a rumour that Yocoko can also cater for vegans, so I popped in recently to find out what they had on offer.

Vegan food at Yocoko Noodle Bar

While the vegan options are not clearly marked on the menu, many of the vegetarian dishes are vegan by default. We went through the menu with our server and at the time of writing, we established that the following options are suitable for vegans:


  • Edamame beans (no.1)
  • Seaweed (no.2)
  • Fried onion rings (no.3)
  • Vegetable spring rolls (no.4)


  • Wok-fried ho fun or vermicelli noodles with mixed seasonal vegetables (no.33)
  • Boiled rice with Japanese mixed vegetables (no.41)

Vegetarian dishes

(I would recommend getting a side of boiled rice with these to make a completely filling meal)

  • Broccoli (original or garlic) (no.D10)
  • Mixed vegetables (curry or Thai curry) (no D.11)
  • Pac choi (stir-fried with garlic) (no.D12)
  • Fried tofu (tofu, baby tomato and veg) (no.D13)
  • Fresh salad vegetables (no.D14)
Vegan spring rolls at Yocoko Noodle Bar Edinburgh
Spring rolls


Vegan Edamame Beans at Yocoko Noodle Bar Edinburgh
Edamame beans


Vegan food at Yocoko Noodle Bar Edinburgh


Vegan sides at Yocoko Noodle Bar Edinburgh


Vegan noodles at Yocoko Noodle Bar Edinburgh
Vermicelli noodles with mixed vegetables


Vegan stir fried tofu at Yocoko Noodle Bar Edinburgh
Stir-fried tofu

While the menu could be marked a little clearer for vegans, you can’t argue with the portion sizes, the value for money or the speed of the service. The spring rolls were really tasty, served with a sweet chilli dip that Mr B loved, and the stir-fried tofu made for a decent feed along with a side of boiled rice.

If Yocoko noodle bar made their vegan offering a little bit clearer, this has the potential to be a firm favourite for both local and visiting vegans alike. In the meantime, make sure the staff are well aware of your requirements before you order.

Choice:  ★★☆☆☆
Menu info:  ★★☆☆☆
Deliciousness: ★★★☆☆
Value for money:  ★★★★★

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