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93 Lothian Road

Tel: +44(0)0131 228 6863

Overall score: ★★★☆☆

Vegan food at Topolabamba Edinburgh

While there aren’t any clearly marked vegan options on the menu at Topolabamba (yet), many of the vegetarian options can be adapted for vegans. Our server was super helpful, so just ask and they will keep you right.

Nibbles and sides

  • Guacamole
  • Guacamole with tortilla chips
  • Salt and chilli pepper fries
  • Mexican green rice

Street food

Made for sharing. Order 3 to 4 dishes per person.


Three soft corn tortillas topped with the filling of your choice. Ask to hold the cream.

  • Char roasted vegetables


Two crispy corn tortillas topped with the filling of your choice. Ask to hold the cream.

  • Guacamole, black bean and corn (ask to hold the cheese)


Large soft tortilla stuffed with a filling of your choice and toasted

  • Black bean, cactus and smoked green chilli
  • Char roasted vegetables

The Big Boys

Larger dishes, order with one or two street food options


Flour tortilla stuffed with green rice, black beans, pico de gallo and your choice of filling (ask to hold the cheese)

  • Char roasted vegetables

Vegan food at Topolabamba Edinburgh


Vegan char roasted vegetable tacos at Topolabamba Edinburgh
Char roasted vegetable tacos


Vegan guacamole and chips at Topolabamba Edinburgh
Guacamole and chips


Vegan fries at Topolabamba Edinburgh


Lights at Topalabamba Edinburgh


Vegan Guacamole, black bean and corn tostadas at Topolabamba Edinburgh
Guacamole, black bean and corn tostadas


Drink menu at Topolabamba Edinburgh


Vegan char roasted vegetable quesadilla at Topolabamba Edinburgh
Vegetable Quesadilla


Vegan rice at Topolabamba Edinburgh

While we were disappointed there were no clear vegan options on the menu, we really couldn’t fault the helpful staff at Topolabamba, who were able to help us navigate the menu and tell us which dishes could be made vegan and still taste good.

The main benefit of eating tapas-style is that Mr B and I were able to try a little bit of everything. The chips were a touch too oily for my taste, but if you are into that kind of thing it certainly does give them a satisfying crunch.

The quesadillas were also nice, but I couldn’t help feeling that they would have been a lot better with a good helping of vegan cheese. 😉

My favourite dish was the guacamole tostadas, which were fresh, sweet and crunchy. I also really enjoyed the Mexican green rice, even though I had to eat it dry because there were no vegan “wet” dishes to go with it.

Topolabamba still has a fair way to go before it can truly be called vegan-friendly, but it’s a promising start. The food is quite nice and just a couple of small tweaks could turn this place into a vegan heaven for Mexican tapas.

Choice: ★★★☆☆
Menu info: ★★★☆☆
Deliciousness: ★★★☆☆
Value for money: ★★★★☆

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Eat vegan Mexican tapas a Topolabamba, Edinburgh

3 replies on “Topolabamba”

Thank you so much! My meat loving son and vegan daughter are heading up there for the festival today and I’ve been doing my head in looking for places to send them to eat together. This is brilliant. Can’t thank you enough for all these reports you’ve written.

Gee, thanks for your kind words Suzie! I wrote this site just for people like you. I hope your son and daughter have a wonderful time in Edinburgh today 🙂

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