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Taco Mazama

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Taco Mazama
95/96A Princes Street

+44(0)131 225 4729

Overall score: ★★★★☆

You know when a place becomes so ingrained in your day-to-day life that you start to take it for granted? Every Friday, or whenever I need a pick-me-up, I head around the corner from my office and pop into Taco Mazama to order a vegan haggis burrito, then take it back to my desk and devour the entire thing hunched over my computer keyboard.

I have repeated this ritual countless times, and yet a couple of weeks ago as I was munching away I paused mid-bite. Here I was, eating one of my favourite vegan foods in Edinburgh. And  I hadn’t featured it on the site yet. What was I thinking?!

I knew I had to rectify things as soon as possible, so the next day (any excuse to have a burrito lunch two days in a row) I took along my camera and had a sit-in lunch, just so I could share with you the joy that is a Taco Mazama burrito. You are totally welcome.

Vegan options at Taco Mazama

Like most burrito establishments in Edinburgh, Taco Mazama has a decent range of vegan food to choose from. Pick a burrito, burrito bowl or fajita salad with your choice of:

  • Veggie haggis (my personal favourite)
  • Veggie chilli
  • Chipotle shredded tofu
  • Vegan mac and cheese

Tell them that you’re going for the vegan option, and they will add on your guacamole for free.

It’s also worth mentioning their Vegan Tuesdays offer, which features a new and imaginative burrito filling every week. Get a burrito or a burrito bowl plus a drink for £6.49 – perfect for a lunchtime treat! Previous fillings have included the likes of black bean and spinach, green bean and lentil, pulled jackfruit and roasted chickpea.

The menu at Taco Mazama, Edinburgh
Here’s the menu at the Princes Street branch


Making up the burrito at Taco Mazama, Edinburgh
Excellent burrito assembly action


Cactus decoration at Taco Mazama, Edinburgh


Wrapped vegan burrito at Taco Mazama, Edinburgh
Wrapped up and ready to go!


Unwrapped vegan burrito at Taco Mazama, Edinburgh
The burrito in its fully unwrapped glory


A half eaten vegan burrito!
The “half-eaten” shot

While the new and exciting fillings sound really tempting, I always cave at the last minute and go for my old favourite – the veggie haggis burrito. Filled with beans, rice, lettuce and salsa, it is one of my favourite comfort foods. The fact I find myself going back time and time again says it all.

With branches in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, Taco Mazama is a fine Scottish institution serving up Mexican grub with plenty of choices for vegans. For a quick bite in the city centre, this is a great option.

Choice: ★★★☆☆
Menu info: ★★★★☆
Deliciousness: ★★★★★
Value for money: ★★★☆☆

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