City Guides

Not sure where to start? Let our city guides serve up some tasty inspiration. Whatever you’re in the mood for, get ready to discover some of the best vegan food in Scotland’s capital.

Vegan reuben sandwich at Holy Cow Lounge, Edinburgh

Totally vegan and vegetarian

Want to eat somewhere completely meat-free? This guide has you covered, with all the veggie restaurants and cafés in Edinburgh listed in one place.

Vegan satan burger by the Sly Fox at Leith Vegan Quarter, Edinburgh

Vegan street food

Explore all the vegan-friendly markets in Edinburgh, with top tips on what to expect. Discover the best vendors and the tastiest vegan-friendly street food dishes.

Vegan peanut and strawberry waffles at Grams, Edinburgh

Vegan breakfast and brunch

Start the day right with a belly-busting vegan breakfast in Edinburgh – from comforting bowls of porridge, to fry-ups, pancakes and more.

Vegan petit fours at The Dome, Edinburgh

Vegan afternoon tea

Afternoon tea. It’s one of those great British traditions. And at these pioneering cafés in Edinburgh, you can enjoy it the vegan way!

Vegan fatoush at Taza in Town

Cheap vegan food

Eating vegan in Edinburgh doesn’t need to cost the earth. Treat yourself without breaking the bank.

Carrot sorbet with strawberry and rhubarb

Something special

Want to eat somewhere with a little extra sparkle? These restaurants are perfect for celebrating something special.

Vegan Caramel buns at Plant Bae, Edinburgh

Vegan cake

From cosy tea rooms to dedicated home delivery services, in Edinburgh there is no excuse not to have your (vegan) cake and eat it!

Vegan pizza at Soderberg, Edinburgh

Vegan pizza

Finding vegan-friendly pizzerias in Edinburgh used to be a challenge, but those days are long gone. Now, vegans are spoiled for choice when looking for pizza in Edinburgh.

Vegan macaroni cheese at Vesta, Edinburgh

Vegan macaroni cheese

Many new vegans may think that this homemade favourite would be off the menu, but that couldn’t be further for the truth in Edinburgh.

Vegan cinnamon porridge at Brochan, Edinburgh

Cosy vegan Edinburgh

Curl up and tuck into some of the most wonderfully comforting vegan food that Scotland’s capital has to offer.

Vegan eats on or near the Royal Mile

If it’s your first trip to Edinburgh, it’s very likely that you will go to the Royal Mile. Discover the vegan-friendly spots near this popular thoroughfare.

Vegan avocado toast at Grams, Edinburgh

Healthy vegan Edinburgh

Edinburgh has lots of vegan-friendly places that serve up tasty, wholesome and healthy eats. We also have vegan personal trainers too. Here are just a few of the best.

Vegan salt and pepper tofu at Sen, Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s hidden vegan gems

Fancy getting off the beaten track and trying somewhere different? Take a closer look and you’ll find a surprisingly good vegan offering in these hidden gems – perfect if you want to try something new.

Vegan brownie and pears at Herringbone Goldenacre, Edinburgh

Nine dirty desserts you won’t believe are vegan

The range of vegan desserts in Edinburgh has grown exponentially over the last few years, so let’s take a look at some of the finest examples the city has to offer.

Vegan doughnuts by the Doughnut Family, Edinburgh

Vegan Edinburgh deliveries

Get vegan yumminess direct to your door!