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Overall score: ★★★☆☆

At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that vegans should avoid George Street’s newest arrival. The Brazilian eatery Fazenda doesn’t skirt around the fact that they specialise in meat – and lots of it. But take another look and you’ll find a couple of decent vegan options to choose from.

I’ll be honest – I definitely wouldn’t recommend Fazenda as a “No.1 vegan hotspot”. Let’s face it, a restaurant full of waiters continually carrying sticks of meat around may not be a pleasant environment for some vegans to be in. Having said that, it is good to know that if you are going with a bunch of omnivore friends, then you will still be catered for.

Vegan food at Fazenda

The good news is that the vegan options at Fazenda are cheaper than the regular meat option, and you get dessert included. The Brazilian restaurant has a dedicated vegan section on the menu, and an allergy key markings at the salad bar. Unfortunately, there are no vegan markings at the salad bar (yet), but you can easily see which options are meat and dairy free. Ask the friendly staff if you are not sure.

On the menu, there are currently the following options for vegans:

  • Moqueca Coconut, tomato seasonal vegetables and rice
  • Feijoada Black beans, onions, rice and farofa

For dessert, the dark chocolate ice cream and selection of sorbets are dairy-free.

Vegan Salad at Fazenda Edinburgh
Some spoils from the salad bar


Vegan Moqueca at Fazenda Edinburgh


Vegan Salad at Fazenda Edinburgh
More goodies from the salad bar


Rice at Fazenda Edinburgh


Dairy-free ice cream at Fazenda Edinburgh
Dark chocolate ice cream

The vegan food at Fazenda is actually really good. When I told my server that I would be taking the vegan option, he told me that the meat-free moqueca was one of his favourite items on the menu. Indeed, this creamy coconut stew was really tasty.  Although I did make the mistake of loading up on a few too many veggies at the salad bar before my main dish came out, meaning I *almost* didn’t have room for pudding…

Thankfully, I was still able to squeeze in a small scoop of dark chocolate ice cream to finish. This dairy-free delight was quite rich, but not too sweet and a perfect way to end the meal.

I’ll reiterate again that some vegans will find the environment distressing, so I would not recommend Fazenda for everyone. But if, like me, you have friends that haven’t gone vegan yet, it’s heartening that places like this do have an inclusive menu.

Choice:  ★★☆☆☆
Menu info:  ★★★★☆
Deliciousness: ★★★★☆
Value for money:  ★★★☆☆







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