Where to eat vegan in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. The city boasts over a dozen fully vegan restaurants and cafés, and most places will offer at least a couple of vegan options. A restaurant or café in Edinburgh with no vegan offering at all is now, thankfully, quite rare.

You will notice that this guide does not include chain restaurants. While there are some great vegan options served at national chains, this website focuses on places and dishes you can only experience in Edinburgh. For detailed reviews of each and every vegan-friendly restaurant in the city, you should check out HappyCow.

But in the meantime, here are some of the very best vegan restaurants in Edinburgh, and some tips for visitors too. Hope you’re feeling hungry…


Fully vegan restaurants in Edinburgh

From fine dining to brunch and lunch and cosy cafés, Scotland has a delicious bounty of totally vegan restaurants that don’t have any meat, dairy, or other animal products on the menu.

Vegan french toast at Chapter One Coffee Shop, Edinburgh
Vegan French toast, Chapter One

Start off the day at one of Edinburgh’s wonderful vegan cafés. Chapter One on Dalry Road used to be a regular café, but a couple of years ago they decided to go fully vegan, including refusing to sell cow’s milk in their coffee. They now do a wonderful range of breakfast options, sandwiches and cake.

Vegan pancakes at Seeds for the Soul, Edinburgh
Strawberry and banana pancakes, Seeds for the Soul
Vegan Haggis and Cheese melt by Faceplant Foods, Edinburgh
Haggis and cheese melt, FacePlant

If you would prefer someplace that is a good all-rounder for breakfast, lunch and dinner, look no further than Seeds for the Soul in Bruntsfield. Open from dawn ’til dusk, this place has a cult following and for good reason. The owners are very passionate about good food, using organic ingredients where possible and making everything from scratch right on the premises.

And talking of places with a cult following – FacePlant is also a firm favourite with Edinburgh’s vegans. FacePlant Foods started life as a street food stall, drawing crowds with its legendary mac and cheese, burgers and decadent sandwiches. Now they have a brick-and-mortar location in Leith that opens for lunch Thursday to Sunday. Don’t be surprised if you see a queue snaking out the door!

Vegan rarebit at Black Rabbit, Edinburgh
Vegan rarebit, Black Rabbit
Vegan fennel orange and mint salad at Pulse Edinburgh
A sample of fennel, orange and mint salad, Pulse

Another great option for lunch is Black Rabbit in Tollcross. This deli has a grab-and-go counter with mouthwatering sandwiches, rolls and sweet treats. There is no seating available at the time of writing, but you could grab a picnic blanket and head to the Meadows on a sunny day for a wonderful cruelty-free picnic.

Pulse under St Johns Church also has fantastic lunch options, and its central location on the corner of Princes Street and Lothian Road makes it the perfect place to refuel while shopping or sightseeing in Edinburgh’s city centre. Passionate husband-and-wife team Mark and Ayshé make great food that is delicious and nutritious. They make the most of local produce and pride themselves in creating tasty dishes that use as little sugar and oil as possible. Be sure to sample their salads, which are really flavourful.

Vegan goulash at Sly Fox, Edinburgh
Vegan goulash, The Sly Fox
Vegan burger and chips at Holy Cow
Quarter-pounder burger, Holy Cow

If you’re down in Leith, be sure to pop into The Sly Fox for lunch. Like FacePlant, started their journey serving up vegan comfort food at Edinburgh’s street food markets – but now they have moved into a permanent residence in Leith. Here you will find comforting favourites such as vegan goulash and mac and cheese, alongside some new dishes like dirty falafel and vegan ‘salmon’ cream on toast. The vegan goulash is a must-try.

Another great place for lunch is Holy Cow, which has two locations: Holy Cow on Elder Street beside the main bus station, and Holy Cow Lounge inside Edinburgh Printmakers on Dundee Street. The Holy Cow Lounge is slightly bigger, so you are more likely to get a table at busy times.

Holy Cow has a varied menu of imaginative vegan dishes, but it is most renowned for its mouth-watering range of burgers and cakes. Everything at Holy Cow is homemade, organic and made fresh on the premises. As the menu is based on seasonal ingredients, you can expect the food available to change throughout the year, but it will always be vegan and there will always be a couple of gluten-free options available too.

Vegan smores doughnut at Considerit, Edinburgh
Smores doughnut, Considerit
Oreo cupcakes at Missy's Vegan Cupcakes, Edinburgh
Oreo cupcakes, Missy’s Vegan Cupcakes

For those who would prefer something sweet, a visit to Considerit is an absolute must. They are famous for their doughnuts, but they also make artisan vegan chocolate and sell dairy-free ice cream during the summer. Whether you are vegan or not, you are going to love Considerit’s baked delights. Their doughnut flavours change all the time and with seasonal specials for Christmas, Halloween and Easter (vegan creme eggs, anyone)? But you will always find regular flavours like biscoff, cinnamon sugar and Oreo on their shelves.

Just up the road from Considerit on Buccleuch Street you will find more sweet treats at Missy’s Vegan Cupcakes. This completely-vegan bakery specialises in sweet treats like cupcakes, cookies, cheesecake and pastries. There is also a small art gallery which sells various crafts from local makers. You’ll also often find them at vegan festivals and at the Leith and Stockbridge Markets.

Special fried tofu at Soul Vegan, Edinburgh
Special fried tofu, Soul Vegan
Vegan stir fry at Sen Viet Vegan, Edinburgh
Stir fry, Sen Viet Vegan

If you would like to head East for some tasty vegan food, we heartily recommend Soul Vegan on West Richmond Street. This wee Malaysian restaurant in Edinburgh’s Southside has a completely vegan menu bursting with colourful options that are full of flavour. Tofu enthusiasts are well taken care of with dishes such as satay tofu, mapo tofu, special deep-fried tofu and tofu green curry. There’s lots for noodle lovers too, from wonton noodle soup to gan lau mee with char sui and wonton. The sign above its door says “Welcome to Vegan Paradise” – and it’s not far wrong.

Or if you like Vietnamese Food, you’ll love Sen Viet Vegan. has a broad menu with something to suit every taste. If you want to try a bit of everything, make sure you get the sharing starter platter. Main course options include the classic pho, Vietnamese curry or stir-fried tofu and vegetables.

Vegan four seasons pizza at Novapizza, Edinburgh
Four seasons pizza, Novapizza
Vegan rigatoni at Sora Lella, Edinburgh
Creamy rigatoni, Sora Lella

Vegan Italian food lovers are well catered for, with not one but two totally-vegan Italian restaurants in Edinburgh! First up we have Novapizza on Howe Street, which a huge menu full of Italian delights like pizza and pasta, and a seasonal menu which changes every six months or so. The vegan pizza menu reads like something you would find at any onmi Italian establishment, except that all the usual ingredients such as mozzarella, salami, ham and pepperoni have been swapped out for vegan alternatives. So if you have been craving a vegan alternative to pepperoni pizza, then Novapizza will definitely hit the spot.

On the other side of town, we have Sora Lella at Tollcross. This little award-winning restaurant oozes charm and its wide and varied menu is bound to satisfy all tastes. From classic pasta dishes such as carbonara, all’arrabbiata and lasagne to pizzas with toppings like “meat” feast, quattro stagioni and white crostini pizza, all of your favourites have been lovingly created without the meat and dairy.

Vegan quesadillas at Antojitos, Edinburgh
Quesadillas, Antojitos
Vegan mac and cheese burger at Rabbit Food, Edinburgh
Return of the mac burger, Rabbit Food

There are also two really exciting residencies happening in a couple of Edinburgh’s pubs at the moment. At Edinburgh Street Food you can find Antojitos, providing tasty vegan Mexican food to the good people of Edinburgh. They also do regular street food pop-ups at Bellfield Brewery. The dishes here are deliciously comforting and excellent value for money. Can’t decide what to order? You can get a selection of the smaller plates, such as guacamole with moreish tortilla chips, spicy potatoes or taquitos, for a fixed price. Just get a bit of everything and share it with your friends.

Meanwhile, at the Meadows Tap you will find Rabbit Food. I an ironic twist of the infamous saying – the food at Rabbit Food is anything but! Expect dirty burgers, loaded fries, creamy mac and cheese and weekly specials which may sometimes combine all three. If you want to load up on great-tasting comfort food in a casual setting, this is the ideal place.

Refried bean wrap, Curran Geal

Edinburgh’s newest vegan café is Curran Geal, which is found on Leven Place near Tollcross. This small but cosy café and shop has a range of wholesome salads, soups, ciabatta and wraps. It also has a tempting selection of cakes and hot and cold drinks. Perfect for a spot of lunch or a mid-morning coffee with some pals.

Vegetarian restaurants in Edinburgh

Of course, you don’t need to necessarily stick to vegan restaurants to get a great plant-based meal in Edinburgh. We have a wealth of vegetarian restaurants too, some of which are institutions in their own right. Yes, unfortunately these establishments still offer dairy and (sometimes) honey, but their vegan options clearly labelled, absolutely delicious and worth checking out.

Vegan falafel wrap at Pavillion Cafe Edinburgh

A great place for lunch is The Pavilion Café in the Meadows. They have a nice selection of vegan wraps and cake, but what really sets this place apart is the location. The Meadows is a popular haunt with locals on a summer’s day, and for good reason. There’s nothing better than curling up in one of their sun-soaked comfy chairs and watching the world go by.

Sweet selection at Gogo Beets
Sweet selection, Gogo Beets (image credit: Gogo Beets)
Vegan Waffle with Sprinkles at Love Peace and Coffee Edinburgh
Vegan waffle with banana and sprinkles, Love Peace and Coffee

Portobello Beach is also a popular spot on a summer’s day, and there you will find the wonderful Gogo Beets café.  This small colourful café has lots of grab-and-go options for breakfast and lunch, as well as tempting sweet treats such as cakes, empire biscuits, traybakes and much more.

For breakfast, you can have a yummy coconut milk porridge, topped with fruit compote and a wholesome sprinkling of seeds. For lunch, there is soup of the day (which is always vegan) as well as a selection of freshly made sandwiches and salads. Or, if you’re feeling naughty, why not treat yourself to one of their devilish vegan sriracha melts?

Another café which is well worth a visit is Love, Peace and Coffee in Edinburgh’s Southside. This cosy café boasts a wealth of vegan-friendly hot drinks and treats. In fact, most of the menu is vegan, apart from the odd bake here and there, and they do still offer cow’s milk as an option for your tea or coffee.

Walk in the door and you will be greeted with a huge display of vegan cakes such as fudge cake, apple tarts, cinnamon rolls, bakewell bakes and much more. There are also plenty of gluten-free options too.

Mint tea at Santosa cafe
Mint tea, Santosa Café
Vegan food at Hummus Edinburgh
Vegan food, Hummus

Talking of cosy places, Santosa Café in Leith is a welcoming yoga café with a great vibe. It offers a meat-free menu including soups, wraps, paninis and hotpots. Stop by the counter and you’ll also find a range of vegan-friendly sweet treats like flapjacks and energy balls, perfect for enjoying with a warming mug of herbal tea.

Hummus is another small café in Bruntsfield that has some great vegetarian Middle Eastern food. Here you can enjoy vegan meze, with options such as hummus (obviously), baba ganoush, stuffed vine leaves, tabbouleh salad, pastries, falafel and wraps. Everything that’s vegan is clearly marked on the menu board.

Inside Foodstory Edinburgh

Then we have Foodstory on Easter Road, which will already be a familiar name with Aberdonians. After finding great success with several locations in Aberdeen, the Foodstory team ventured south and opened their first café in Edinburgh. At least half the menu is vegan, with lots of delicious and wholesome options for lunch or a snack.

Vegan curry at David Bann, Edinburgh
Vegan curry, David Bann
Vegan haggis at Hendersons, Edinburgh
Vegan haggis, Hendersons

And talking of legendary names, we have a couple of vegetarian restaurants that have been blazing the trail for decades and gained somewhat of a cult following.

David Bann is near Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and has been a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike for years. It has a great reputation for vegetarian fine dining in a relatively relaxed setting. This restaurant is a great option if you want something a little bit special, but there is certainly no stuffy vibe here. This place gets the balance between great food and a relaxed atmosphere absolutely perfect.

And you can’t think about the vegetarian scene in Edinburgh without Hendersons springing to mind. The original location in the New Town used to be the longest-running vegetarian restaurant in the country before it fell victim to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Hendersons has opened up a lovely new restaurant in the heart of Bruntsfield.

The new location has a fresh new look, but the menu has lots of your old favourites including their famous haggis, neeps and tatties. Their new slogan is ‘Eat Better, Live Better’, and that shines through in their wholesome and tasty dishes. The new-and-improved Hendersons might have had a bit of a makeover, but they haven’t forgotten their roots and are still a must-visit for every veggie in Edinburgh.

Vegan thali at Kalpna, Edinburgh
Vegan thali, Kalpna
Vegan food at Paradise Palms, Edinburgh
Vegan food and cocktails, Lucky Pig @ Paradise Palms

Another legendary place to try is Kalpna, a glittering vegetarian institution in the heart of Edinburgh’s student district. And I mean that quite literally – there are lots of little sparkling mirrors on the walls in its iconic interior! Their South Indian menu is full of delightful vegan finds, but my go-to dish is always the vegan thali. For about £18 you get a taste of five seasonal wet dishes, bread, chutney, rice, pakoras, poppadom and a dessert – all presented in a beautiful silver platter. Definitely one to try for a special occasion.

Also located in the thick of Edinburgh University’s campus buildings, Paradise Palms is one of the best places to go for a drink. This delightfully kitsch bar has a fabulous cocktail menu and a great atmosphere to boot. It’s here that you will find Lucky Pig, which has been in residence at Paradise Palms for a couple of years now. They have built a reputation for great vegetarian soul food and have lots of vegan-friendly options too, including vegan macaroni cheese, hot dogs, nachos, burgers, and much more.

Where to find vegan breakfast in Edinburgh

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and thankfully in Edinburgh there are plenty of places where you can start the day the plant-based way. Whether you’re looking for something comforting like a warming bowl of porridge, a tempting tower of pancakes, or the vegan answer to the traditional full Scottish fry-up, there are lots of options for you to choose from. 

Vegan full breakfast at Seeds for the Soul, Edinburgh
Full breakfast, Seeds for the Soul
Vegan porridge at Chapter One Coffee Shop, Edinburgh
Blueberry and almond porridge, Chapter One

Vegan restaurant Seeds for the Soul has a wonderful range for breakfast, including full cooked vegan breakfast (pictured above), avocado and ‘bacon’ on toast, bacon and tofu scramble or pancakes. Chapter One is a totally vegan café with lots of lovely breakfast options for sitting-in, and has great coffee too.

Vegetarian haunt Gogo Beets is also a great place for breakfast, with some lovely warming porridge to grab-and-go.

Vegan pancakes at Loudons Edinburgh
Vegan pancakes, Loudons
Vegan Maca Nana Smoothie Bowl at Hula Juice Bar, Edinburgh
Maca Nana Smoothie Bowl, Hula Juice Bar

Loudons and Hula Juice Bar have a couple of locations in Edinburgh city centre. While these places are not vegan, they have a great range of vegan options for a wholesome start to the day. Loudons has fantastic pancakes, a vegan cooked breakfast and hot-filled rolls. Meanwhile, Hula boasts a menu full of nutritious smoothies, porridge and smoothie bowls.

Full vegan breakfast at Roseleaf Edinburgh
Full vegan breakfast, The Roseleaf
Vegan tofu benedict at Bakery Andante, Edinburgh
Tofu florentine, Bakery Andante

Down in Leith, The Roseleaf has a dedicated vegan menu, including a section full of all-day breakfast and brunch options. On Broughton Street, Bakery Andante can make many of their regular menu items vegan, including their waffles and tofu florentine. You can also find a fantastic full vegan breakfast or crepes at Wanderlust on the Royal Mile.

For grab-and-go options, BBL does incredible vegan sausages and is perfect for a cheap filled roll. Bross Bagels also have several locations across the city and have lots of great vegan fillings to choose from.

And if you fancy something a wee bit different… Indian restaurant Sabzi on Ferry Road is open from 10am on weekends for Indian-style breakfast. Vegan options include halwa chana puri and scrambled tofu and sausage naan.

Best places for vegan lunch in Edinburgh

When hunger hits around midday, there are lots of vegan options to try for lunch. From wholesome soups and salads to dirty burgers, pies and delicious sandwiches, here are some of our favourite places to visit:

Vegan reuben sandwich at Holy Cow Lounge, Edinburgh
Vegan reuben sandwich, Holy Cow
Green lentil and vegan feta salad at pulse, Edinburgh
Green lentil and vegan feta salad, Pulse

Holy Cow do fantastic vegan sandwiches and burgers, all made in-house. Pulse Home Cooking have a sumptuous range of salads, soups and other great options for lunch, all with local organic ingredients and made with as little oil and sugar as possible.

Black Rabbit have some great grab-and-go sandwiches (the vegan “egg” and cress is our favourite), and Faceplant Foods is the place to go for filthy grilled cheese For a lunchtime comfort food fix, head into Leith to The Sly Fox and give their macaroni sheese or vegan goulash a try.

Cheesy bean wrap, Curran Geal
Vegan mac and sheese at Sly Fox, Edinburgh
Macaroni sheese, The Sly Fox

Curran Geal is also an excellent place for lunch, with a fully-vegan menu including soups, salads, ciabattas and wraps. It also serves Planet Kuku frittatas.

For a cosy and comforting lunch without the meat, check out Santosa Café which is totally vegetarian.

If you have a pie craving, then The Piemaker has lots of great vegan options.

Tollcross area also has a couple of community cafés that get rave reviews from vegans: Curran Geal on Leven Street and Kafe Kweer on Gilmore Place.

Vegan margherita pizza at Portobello Beach by Civerinos Slice
Vegan margherita pizza, Civerinos Slice
Vegan cauliflower pakora at The Pakora Bar, Edinburgh
Cauliflower pakora, Pakora Bar

Civerinos Slice does pizza by the slice, and they have a couple of vegan options. You can’t go wrong with a slice of vegan margherita. They have several locations across Edinburgh, but our personal favourite is Prom Slice, where you can grab a pizza slice and enjoy on Portobello Beach.

We also love The Pakora Bar, which has a vast selection of pakora and most of their veg options are suitable for vegans. Meanwhile, Knights Kitchen on Leith Walk boasts some of the best African food in the city with great vegan options.

And for something healthy and wholesome on cold days, nothing beats a bowl of steaming hot soup from Union of Genius, which always has at least two vegan soup specials on any given day.

Where to find vegan dinner in Edinburgh

At the end of the day, there are some great options for vegan meals in Edinburgh. From cheap and cheerful to fine dining tasting menus, there is something for everyone.

Guacamole and chips at Antojitos, Edinburgh
Tortillas and guacamole, Antojitos
Katsu mushroom curry at Soul Vegan, Edinburgh
Katsu curry, Soul Vegan

For those who want to end the day in a cosy pub, Rabbit Food is currently in residency at the Meadows Tap, where you will find a mouthwatering selection of burgers, mac and cheese, and other vegan junk food.

If you fancy something a bit more exotic, then we highly recommend Soul Vegan which does excellent Malaysian street food in an intimate setting. Fans of Vietnamese food will like Sen Viet Vegan, and those craving vegan Italian should visit Novapizza or Sora Lella.

Vegan tofu and noodles at David Bann, Edinburgh
Vegan tofu and noodles, David Bann
Vegan burger at Hendersons, Edinburgh
Vegan burger, Hendersons

If you want to celebrate something special, vegetarian restaurant David Bann is near the Royal Mile and popular with locals and visitors alike. Hendersons is also a vegetarian cult favourite, and a great place for a relaxed meal out. For a real treat, try the vegan thali at vegetarian Indian restaurant Kalpna, or Lucky Pig at Paradise Palms for some decent vegan filth.

Vegan sweet potato salad at Herringbone Goldenacre, Edinburgh
Vegan sweet potato salad, The Herringbone
Jollof rice at Safari Lounge, Edinburgh
Jollof rice, the Safari Lounge

There are lots of other pubs and restaurants in Edinburgh that aren’t necessarily vegan or vegetarian, but still have great vegan options for dinner. The Herringbone Goldenacre also has a lovely vegan menu, as does The Safari Lounge. The Sheep Heid Inn, Scotland’s oldest pub, also has a separate vegan menu which you can also find at the Salisbury Arms.

Vegan scampi and chips from Fish Edinburgh
“Scampi” and chips, #Fish
Classic meatless burger at Butta Burger, Edinburgh
Classic meatless burger, Butta Burger

Everyone should experience an Edinburgh chippy tea, and vegans are no different. Thank goodness for #Fish in Marchmont, who have a great vegan menu including tofu “fish”, scampi, battered sausage and other chippy favourites.

There are a couple of good options for vegan burgers, too. Local favourite burger joints Butta Burger and Bread Meats Bread both have great vegan offerings.

If you need good food fast, head to Bonnie Burrito, which has great burritos with vegan filling options including vegan haggis and THIS isn’t chicken.

For a cheap dinner option, you can’t do much better than Mosque Kitchen. They use oil rather than ghee in their cooking, so most of their vegetarian curries are also suitable for vegans. Just ask for the options when you order.

Another great option for vegan curry is Chennai’s Marina. Its Newington restaurant has award-winning vegan options including deep-fried cauliflower and kedalai curry.

Vegan kimchi burger at Bread Meats Bread
Kimchi burger, Bread Meats Bread
A big bowl of hell ramen with crispy tofu, pak choi and rice noodles at Maki & Ramen, Edinburgh
Vegan hell ramen, Maki & Ramen

For vegan tastes of the East, Maki & Ramen has great vegan ramen (some dishes topped with vegan bacon), sushi and curry.

Another great option is BABA on George Street. They don’t have their vegan options clearly marked, but ask your server and they will expertly tell you what elements of their mouthwatering meze menu can be made vegan.

Roast at the Village Bistro with vegan yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, peas, cabbage and carrots
Vegan Sunday roast at the Village Bistro

If you fancy going a little bit further out, then the Village Bistro in Cramond has a range of vegan options including artisan pizza and does Sunday lunch from about 1pm until they sell out. Best to book ahead in advance to avoid disappointment!

Something sweet: where to go for vegan coffee and cake

Whether it’s for a catch-up with friends or for taking your laptop and working in a change of scene, nothing beats finding a great café for some tea and cake. Edinburgh has a thriving café culture, and most places will offer non-dairy milk (although some places still do charge extra, grumble grumble).

Here are some of our favourite places for a wee sugar and caffeine boost:

Vegan raspberry and white chocolate doughnut at Considerit, Edinburgh
Vegan raspberry and white chocolate doughnut, Considerit

You can’t write about sweet treats in Edinburgh without mentioning Considerit. This vegan doughnut and coffee shop regularly has queues snaking out the door, and for good reason. A visit to Edinburgh is not complete without giving one of these incredible doughnuts a try. Other great fully-vegan haunts for cake include Black Rabbit (make sure you try their ‘cruffin’!), Holy Cow, Chapter One and Curran Geal.

The Shrub Co-op Zero Waste Hub has recently opened a fully vegan café which looks like it offers a mouthwatering range of cake and lunch options. This guide will be updated soon with a full report!

Cake at Curran Geal, Edinburgh
Cake, Curran Geal

There are lots of vegetarian cafés in Edinburgh, too. Our favourites include Gogo Beets in Portobello, Love Peace & Coffee in Southside and The Pavilion Café on the Meadows.

Those who love good coffee should check out The Milkman or Little Fitzroy, who pride themselves in their quality joe and both regularly sell sweet treats by the VGN Bakery Co.

Vegan cake and coffee at Lovecrumbs, Edinburgh
Vegan cake and coffee at Lovecrumbs

Those with a sweet tooth will also love the Bearded Baker in Canonmills, where you can find epic buns including cinnamon and biscoff. And local favourite for cakes Lovecrumbs also usually has a couple of vegan options on display. Donut specialists Room and Rumours also have vegan options, including cinnamon buns.

Where to get vegan afternoon tea in Edinburgh

For those not familiar, afternoon tea is a wonderful British tradition which involves three (or more) tiers of finger sandwiches, scones and cakes, and a pot of great tea. If you are just visiting Edinburgh, then having afternoon tea is an absolute must.

Afternoon tea at Holy Cow
Afternoon tea, Holy Cow (image credit: Holy Cow)
Vegan cakes in the afternoon tea by Black Rabbit, Edinburgh
Afternoon tea at home, Black Rabbit

The good news is that there are a couple of vegan places in Edinburgh that do afternoon tea: Holy Cow do a gluten-free and vegan afternoon tea (but you do have to order ahead to book) and Black Rabbit often offer pre-ordered afternoon tea to go, perfect for enjoying at home or in your hotel room.

Other places that do afternoon tea will often cater for vegans if you let them know in advance. The Dome, Mimi’s Bakehouse and Peacock Alley at Waldorf Astoria The Caledonian all do great offerings.

Where to eat vegan in Edinburgh: Map

To make things easy to find, we have plotted out all the locations in this guide on this handy dandy Google Map. Dark green markers are fully vegan, light green markers are vegetarian, and purple markers are omnivore with great vegan options.

Struggling with a small map? Click here to view full size in Google Maps.

So there we have it – the ultimate guide to eating out vegan in Edinburgh! Are there any places you would recommend that aren’t in this guide? Let us know!