Dirty desserts in Edinburgh that you won’t believe are vegan

Fancy something sweet? You’re in luck. The vegan food scene has come a long way in Edinburgh, and long gone are the days where the only way that vegans could finish their meal out was with the lemon sorbet or – even worse – a fruit salad.

The range of vegan desserts in Edinburgh has grown exponentially over the last few years, so let’s take a look at some of the finest examples the city has to offer. From rich chocolate sundaes to creamy vegan cheesecakes, you’re guaranteed to find something that will satisfy your sweet tooth in Scotland’s capital. Read on and get ready to start craving!

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Apple pie and ice cream, Holy Cow

Vegan Apple Pie at Holy Cow, Edinburgh

34 Elder Street, EH1 3DX

Holy Cow are renowned for their brilliant cakes and bakes, so make sure you leave some room after your burger, sandwich or salad for a sweet treat. This apple pie was particularly glorious, with a chunky fruit filling and sweet crumbly pastry. For extra indulgence, pop on a scoop of ice cream for an extra £1.

Chocolate brownie with poached pear and cherries, Herringbone Goldenacre

Vegan chocolate brownie at Herringbone Goldenacre, Edinburgh

2 South Trinity Road, EH5 3NR

Herringbone Goldenacre has a good range of vegan desserts, but this is arguably the most indulgent. This chocolatey brownie comes with a chocolate sorbet that is rich and dark and all sorts of wonderful. Devour with a glass of vegan wine, which you can choose from their wine list that clearly states the vegan tipples available.

Caramelised banana, No.1 The Grange

Vegan caramelised banana at No.1 The Grange, Edinburgh

1 Grange Road, EH9 1UH

If you’re looking for a dish with some real wow factor, then this dessert is for you. The idea of a caramelised banana sounds simple enough, but the presentation of this fine dessert really is something else. As you can see from the picture above, it looks like a piece of art. It’s not too heavy a dessert either, so you won’t feel too sluggish after you have enjoyed this gorgeous creation.

Gluten-free chocolate brownie, Harmonium

Vegan brownie and ice cream at Harmonium, Edinburgh

7-11 East London Street, EH7 4BN

Harmonium are well renowned for their comfort food favourites, and their desserts menu is no exception. This rich and decadent chocolate brownie, served with a generous helping of vegan ice cream, is the perfect way to round off any meal. And it’s gluten-free, too!

Peanut butter jelly cheesecake, Novapizza

Vegan cheesecake at Novapizza, Edinburgh

42 Howe Street, EH3 6TH

Novapizza are famous for their pizzas, but I’m going to let you into a little secret: save some room for dessert, because their cheesecakes are absolutely divine! The kitchen experiments with flavours day-to-day, but the smooth creamy vegan cheese topping with a lovely crumbly base remains consistent no matter what the offering. Don’t leave this restaurant without trying one!

Pineapple Tart Tatin, The Sheep Heid Inn

Vegan pineapple tarte tatin at Sheeps Heid Inn, Edinburgh

43-45 The Causeway, EH15 3QA

The Sheep Heid Inn is Scotland’s oldest pub, and they have a dedicated vegan menu. Keep an eye out for the pineapple tart tatin. This dessert is absolutely gorgeous, with flaky pastry, caramelised pineapple and a creamy coconut sorbet.Whenever you dine at this historic inn, make sure you leave room for pudding!

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