Vegan Restaurants in Edinburgh that have closed

This is a really horrible page to write, but it has to be done. Sometimes despite having a great offering and a loyal fanbase, vegan-friendly cafés and restaurants have to close down.

This could happen for any number of reasons. Sometimes the establishment is taken over by new management and changes into something completely different, sometimes the owner moves on to bigger and better things, or perhaps they want to focus on another business venture.

If you are trying to find that place you haven’t visited in a while but can’t find its information anywhere, you might want to check the list below to make sure it hasn’t closed down. You might be here because you are trying to visit the page of an establishment that no longer exists – any pages I have taken down for this reason are automatically directed to this page.

If your favourite café or restaurant has closed down, it may not necessarily mean that you can’t enjoy their offering or find them somewhere else. If that is the case, I’ve put the relevant info of where to go next beside the restaurant name.

Closed restaurants

305 Kitchen
305 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8SA
(They are looking to relocate soon!)

36 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh EH2 4QS

Beetroot Sauvage
33-41 Ratcliffe Terrace, EH9 1SX
(But Marie-Anne is still selling her gorgeous Earthy Vegan Cheese!)

Bites and Leaves
6-8 Alexander Drive, Edinburgh EH11 2RH

Bonsai Bistro
46 West Richmond Street, Edinburgh EH8 9DZ

Casa Angelina
42 London Street, Edinburgh EH3 6LX
(Casa Angelina have shut their café and rebranded as Puddin’ Pop. They are now completely vegan (yay!!!) and do catering and street food markets).

Erpingham House
Inside Bonnie & Wild, St James Quarter EH1 3AD
(You can still visit this vegan restaurant in Norwich)

Forest Café
141 Lauriston Place, EH3 9JN
(The Forest Café may be closed, but Forest is still trucking along promoting arts in their digital space. Follow them on Facebook for the latest!)

Grassroots Health Ltd
20 Lochrin Buildings, Gilmore Place, Edinburgh EH3 9NB

Hendersons Vegan
25 Thistle Street, Edinburgh EH2 1DX
(Hendersons have now opened a new location in Bruntsfield)

Hendersons Deli, Shop and Salad Bar
94 Hanover Street, Edinburgh EH2 1DR

Hendersons Holyrood
67 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AU

Herbivore Kitchen
65 Clerk Street, Edinburgh EH8 9JQ
(Herbivore Kitchen may be closed, but Alison is still selling her amazing vegan brownies online and offering catering services. Find out more on what they are doing now on their website).

Humpit Hummus
University of Edinburgh Student Union, EH8 9AL
(But they still have other locations in the UK)

Illegal Jack’s
44-45 St Patrick Square, Edinburgh EH8 9ET

Karma Kebab
32 South Clerk Street

Kcal Kitchen
87-91 Henderson Street, EH6 6ED
(But they are still in Glasgow)

Land of Bourbon
22a St Patrick Square, Edinburgh EH8 9EY

Lazy Lettuce
100 Melville Drive, Edinburgh EH9 1JZ

Naked Bakery
24a Hill Street, Edinburgh EH2 3JZ

Pakora Bar
96 Hanover Street, Edinburgh EH2 1DR
(But will be opening up in a new location soon!)

Plantz Delicatessen
63 Inverleith Row, Edinburgh EH6 5PX

Pumpkin Brown
16 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2HS
(Although they are still selling eco-friendly products on their website)

18 William Street, Edinburgh EH3 7NH
(They now have a flourishing catering business – find out more on Facebook)

Rose Theatre Café
204 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 4AZ

Taco Mazama
95/96a Princes Street, Edinburgh EH1 2EU
(But you can still find them in Glasgow)

44 Candlemaker Row, EH1 2QE
(Tangs has teamed up with Hakata-ya and rebranded as Slurp at the Kirk)

The Chocolate Tree
123 Bruntsfield Place, EH10 4EQ
(Although you can still buy their luxury chocolates online)

The Greenhouse
48-52 Constitution Street, Edinburgh EH6 6RS

171 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh EH10 4DG

And of course, if you spot any other restaurants that need added to this list, please let me know. I will try and keep this information as up to date as possible.

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