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3 Bristo Place

+44 (0)131 225 9352

Overall score: ★★★★☆

Being in close proximity to the university and the key hubs for the Edinburgh Festival in August, Checkpoint is a popular spot for students and cultured folks alike. I popped along to try their new menu, and was delighted to see that it was clearly marked with all the vegan options available.

Vegan options available at Checkpoint Edinburgh

Checkpoint regularly change their menu to take advantage of seasonal produce, but at the time of writing this place had a cracking range of vegan dishes available. The light bites sounded particularly tempting, and these include:

  • Triple cooked chips with house ketchup
  • Rose harissa, carrot and turmeric bowl with vegetable bhaji
  • Mixed lentil, carrot and coriander soup

There’s a couple of options in the main menu too. If you fancy a salad, you could go for the rosemary squash with lentils, new potatoes and pickled red onions. Of if you would prefer something hot (like I did) the curried tempura vegetables with black onion seed bechamel is also meat and dairy free.

I was also super excited to see that there were two vegan dessert options – and NEITHER of them were sorbet!!! I had the choice of apple and blackberry crumble with coconut whip, or avocado and lime cheesecake. Both options sounded incredibly exciting and I struggled to choose!

Vegetable tempura with a dairy free béchamel sauce at Checkpoint Edinburgh
Vegetable tempura with a dairy free béchamel sauce


The apple and blackberry crumble with coconut whip at Checkpoint Edinburgh
The apple and blackberry crumble with coconut whip

The curried vegetable tempura was absolutely delicious, and very satisfying. The béchamel sauce is made with soy milk and vegan butter, thickened up with gram flour and OMG it was amazing! It was served with big, satisfying and chunky pieces of cauliflower, peppers and spring onion deep fried in a light batter. Heaven! It worked wonderfully together but was so filling I couldn’t finish the whole thing (purely on lack of dedication on my part, I know)!

I ended up going for the apple and blackcurrant crumble for my dessert. I was really tempted by the chocolate and avo cheesecake, don’t get me wrong, but it was a cold and dark evening and the crumble sounded so wonderfully comforting.

I wasn’t disappointed. The crumble itself sang with autumnal spice and the coconut whip was deliciously creamy. Again I struggled to finish the entire thing but I would be perfectly happy to have another crack at it in the near future 😉

The menu at Checkpoint is great, with lots of exciting options for vegans as well as a wide omni selection of dishes. A cool and hip place that is bound to please.

Choice: ★★★☆☆
Menu info: ★★★★★
Deliciousness: ★★★★☆
Value for money: ★★★★☆

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