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Overall score: ★★★★★


If you ask pretty much any vegan in Edinburgh where you should go for a decent meat-free burger in the city, one name comes up time and again: The Caffeine Drip. This suggestion might be a bit baffling at first, because this café is already well known for their fantastic coffee, and I’m not sure coffee and burgers normally go that well together! However, ever since the folks at The Caffeine Drip added a dedicated vegan burger menu, vegans all over the city had been raving about it – so I had to go and check it out.

Vegan food available at The Caffeine Drip

There are lots of vegan options available at The Caffeine Drip, and all of them are clearly marked on the menu. The star of the show is the wide selection of imaginative vegan burgers, which have their own dedicated section on the lunch menu, but there is also a range of sandwiches, salads, wraps, and sweet treats to choose from. They also have a tempting looking breakfast menu, so I’ll need to get back and give that a go some day!


  • Vegan French toast: Germagrain bread dipped in chickpea scramble and served with either grilled tomatoes, vegan haggis or fried banana. Add maple syrup for an extra cost
  • Create your own vegan breakfast with a choice of tofu or chickpea scramble, Germagrain or gluten free bread, and HP sauce, ketchup, Mrs Balls chutney or chilli jam. Add fried mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, fried banana, vegan haggis, spinach, avocado, vegan streaky rashers or Aromatico Mheat burger at extra cost


  • Vegan club sandwich: Grilled vegetables, caramelised onion hummus, tomatoes, avocado and spinach
  • Grilled vegetables, avocado, hummus and cherry tomatoes
  • Streaky vegan rashers, egg-free mayo, tomatoes and mature cheddar style cheese
  • Streaky vegan rashers, chilli jam and vegan cheddar

Salads and wraps

  • West End salad: Roasted butternut, baby spinach, quinoa, cranberries, roasted seeds, avocado and house dressing
  • Vegan wrap: Grilled vegetables, hummus and spinach
  • Vegan Chakahaggis wrap: Vegan haggis, sweet potato, Chakalaka sauce and spinach
  • Vegan spicy jack wrap: BBQ pulled jackfruit, tomatoes, mature cheddar style cheese, Tobasco sauce and peppadews

Vegan burgers

  • West End Signature: Vegan Mheat patty with mature cheddar, streaky vegan rashers, pulled BBQ jackfruit, crispy onions and Chakalaka egg-free mayo
  • Edinvegan: Vegan Mheat patty with sliced avocado, mature cheddar and roasted garlic egg-free mayo
  • Classic: Vegan Mheat patty with gherkins, mustard, mayo and cheddar
  • Bleu BBQ: Vegan Mheat patty with streaky rashers, creamy blue style cheese and BBQ sauce

Of course, it wouldn’t be a decent coffee shop without a range of freshly prepared cakes and bakes, which you can wash down with the likes of a vegan mocha, matcha latte or a regular coffee made with your choice of non-dairy milk.

Vegan Mocha at the Caffeine Drip
The best (and perhaps the only) vegan mocha I have ever had


Vegan Cake selection at the Caffeine Drip, Edinburgh
A tempting range of bakes… but we wanted to save room for the main event!


The Caffeine Drip Edinburgh coffee cup
Cute custom made cups


Soup and a sandwich at the Caffeine Drip, Edinburgh
Soup and a sandwich – lunch of (vegan) champions


Edinvegan burger with aromatico mheat patty, sliced avocado, mature cheddar and roasted garlic thyme egg free mayo
The Edinvegan burger – AKA The Beast


Vegan sandwich at the Caffeine Drip with streaky rashers, egg-free mayo and mature cheddar style vegan cheese
Vegan sandwich with streaky rashers, egg-free mayo and mature cheddar style vegan cheese


Edinvegan burger with sweet potato fries at the Caffeine Drip, Edinburgh
The Edinvegan burger with sweet potato fries


Edinvegan burger at the Caffeine Drip, Edinburgh
Be still my beating heart


Sweet Potato Fries at The Caffeine Drip, Edinburgh
Sweet potato fries


Caffeine Drip vegan burger
“What do vegans eat?”… Well, this. We eat food like this.

I stopped by with Mr B for lunch before we had to head out to the airport, and boy we did not regret it! The service was quick and the food was so filling and satisfying, it set us up for the long travels ahead.

I’ve heard wonderful things about the burgers at Caffeine Drip, so I went in with pretty high expectations. Thankfully, those expectations were met and this is without a doubt the tastiest vegan burger I have had in Edinburgh so far! I went for the Edinvegan burger, which had a mheat patty topped with sliced avocado, mature vegan “cheddar” and eggless garlic mayo.

The combination worked magically. I sometimes find mheat a little on the salty side, but the creaminess of the mayo and the avocado countered it perfectly. My only complaint is that the whole bun was so big, I really struggled to hold it all together in my hands! I must admit I lost my cool a little as most of the lettuce and onion slid out of the bun onto my plate, but the burger was so delicious I didn’t mind in the end.

I paired my burger with sweet potato fries (at £4 a pop it’s a little more that what I would usually pay for a side like this, but I decided to treat myself) and washed it down with a delicious vegan mocha. Mr B had a vegan soup and sandwich, which he also really enjoyed.

Overall a delightful meal and must-visit for lunch if you find yourself in Edinburgh’s West End.

Choice: ★★★★★
Menu info: ★★★★★
Deliciousness: ★★★★★
Value for money: ★★★☆☆


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