Bonsai Bistro

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Bonsai Bistro
46 Richmond Street

+44(0)131 668 3847

Overall score: ★★★★☆

Mr B and I love a bit of sushi, so we love to pop into Bonsai Bistro whenever we get the chance. This place is always a good shout because it has a good balance between food quality and value for money. And of course, it has lots of vegan Japanese-style treats to choose from. 😉

Vegan food at Bonsai Bar Bistro

Meat-free dishes are clearly marked as vegetarian on the menu at Bonsai Bar Bistro, and many of these are vegan by default. There are clearly marked gluten-free options too.  While vegan options aren’t yet clearly signposted, tell your server that you are vegan when you order and they can recommend the vegan choices or ask the kitchen to tweak the vegetarian options you wish by removing any egg or mayo.

At the time of writing, the veggie options are:


Japanese style deep fried dishes

  • Agedashi tofu in soy broth with spring onion and ginger
  • Aubergine katsu with torikatsu sauce
  • Aubergine curry katsu with curry sauce
  • Vegetable tempura in a light crispy batter with soy broth
  • Agenasu aubergine with chilli miso sauce


Seasoned rice with topping

  • Inari (fried tofu)


  • Miso miso, tofu and spring onion
  • Wakame seaweed and roasted sesame


Cooked on a traditional Japanese griddle

  • Okonomiyaki traditional Japanese vegetable pancake
  • Tofu with sweet chilli sauce


Traditional sushi rolls

  • Kappa (cucumber)
  • Avocado


Large inside-out sushi rolls

  • Veggie California Avocado, cucumber and sesame


  • Kim chi chilli cabbage
  • Kyuri cucumber
  • Rakkyo baby onions
  • Umeboshi dried plum


  • Chukaman veggie steamed dumpling filled with red bean paste


Cone-shaped hand rolls

  • Shiitake mushroom

Place setting at Bonsai Bistro Edinburgh


Inside Bonsai Bistro Edinburgh


Lots of lovely vegan sushi


Vegan california roll at Bonsai Bistro Edinburgh
Vegan California roll


Vegetable Tempura at Bonsai Bistro Edinburgh
Vegetable tempura


Vegan tofu teppanyaki at Bonsai Bistro Edinburgh
Tofu teppanyaki


Vegan edamame beans at Bonsai Bistro Edinburgh
Edamame beans


Vegan dumpling at Bonsai Bistro Edinburgh
Red bean dumpling


Vegan avocado maki at Bonsai Bistro Edinburgh
Avocado maki


Vegan miso soup at Bonsai Bistro Edinburgh
Mi-so hungry!!!


Vegetable Tempura at Bonsai Bistro Edinburgh


Vegan shiitake mushroom temaki at Bonsai Bistro Edinburgh
Mushroom roll


Agedashi tofu at Bonsai Bistro Edinburgh
Agedashi tofu

It’s so easy to over-order in this place – we normally aim for about two or three dishes each, but I won’t judge you if you succumb to practically everything on the menu! My personal favourites are the California roll (remember to order it without egg and mayo) and the avocado maki. The vegetable tempura is also a good dish to share – chunky vegetables with a light batter make for quite a decadent treat.

While Bonsai Bistro could do a better job of their vegan menu labelling, their staff are very knowledgeable and have obviously had experience in catering for vegans before. Don’t be afraid to ask for their advice and they’ll recommend some really tasty dishes for you, making for a healthy yet satisfying feed.

Choice:  ★★★★☆
Menu info:  ★★☆☆☆
Deliciousness: ★★★★★
Value for money:  ★★★★☆

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