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Beetroot Sauvage
33-41 Ratcliffe Terrace

+44(0)7962 963 759

Overall score: ★★★★★

The vegan scene in Edinburgh has really been gaining momentum over the past few months, with lots of new places popping up in the city all the time. While all of these fresh faces really excite me, there is one new place that I am particularly thrilled about: Beetroot Sauvage.

I have been following Gary from Vegan Sauvage and Marie-Anne from the Beetroot Café for a while, so when they came together to create Beetroot Sauvage I knew it was going to be something special.

This new café and community space has taken over the old Earthy building in Ratcliffe Terrace and features a cosy cafe, a bright and airy yoga studio, and a huge garden with space for outdoor markets.

In addition to the tempting food, there will be a regular outdoor market, yoga classes, meditation sessions, massage therapists, kids crafts and so much more. This is shaping up to be a real community hub, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Vegan food at Beetroot Sauvage

Everything on Beetroot Sauvage’s menu is completely plant-based – there are no animal products in anything they make. Gluten-free and products that include nuts are also clearly labeled.


  • Smoothie bowls (gluten-free) Acai and berries
  • Buckwheat and almond butter waffles (gluten-free, contains nuts) drizzled with maple syrup and blueberries
  • Homemade granola bowl (gluten-free, contains nuts) with coconut yoghurt and berry compote
  • Sourdough toast with avocado and lime


  • Green (gluten-free) Cucumber, apple, coconut water, lime and spinach
  • Black Betty Blackberry, banana, vanilla and oat milk
  • Peanut Buttercup (contains nuts) Peanut butter, banana, vanilla and oat milk

Children’s menu

  • Kid’s mac and cheese (contains soy)
  • Packed lunch (contains nuts and sesame)
    • Choice of: carrot sticks, cucumber sticks or cherry tomatoes
    • Hummus and oatcakes
    • Pom Bear
    • Apple or banana
    • Orange or apple juice carton
    • Kid’s treat


  • Salads Choose from the daily deli selection of salads and pay for the plate size:
    • Big (£9)
    • Medium (£7)
  • Cold sandwiches Selection of sourdough, bagel or flatbread wrap
    • Choose from their daily fillings
  • Grilled “cheese” sandwiches served with a side of leaves

Mezze platters

  • Mediterranean (contains sesame) Hummus, olives, sun-blushed tomatoes, dairy-free feta and marinated artichokes served with flatbread
  • Cheese platter (contains soy and nuts) Cashew blue cheese, cashew brie, pepperjack, pickled cucumber and chutney served with sourdough bread


  • Baked sweet potatoes (contains sesame) with nettle pesto and avocado
  • Mac and cheese (contains soy) with foraged salad
  • Hot stew of the day served with rice
  • Soup of the day (may contain celery) served with sourdough
  • BBQ jackfruit (contains celery) served with rice

…also keep an eye out for their yummy cakes and bakes!

Vegan afternoon tea at Beetroot Sauvage, Edinburgh Vegan macaroni cheese at Beetroot Sauvage, Edinburgh Vegan green smoothie at Beetroot Sauvage, Edinburgh Vegan cheesecake at Beetroot Sauvage, Edinburgh Vegan butternut squash salad at Beetroot Sauvage, Edinburgh Vegan blue cheese at Beetroot Sauvage, Edinburgh Vegan cheesecake at Beetroot Sauvage, Edinburgh Vegan breakfast at Beetroot Sauvage, Edinburgh


I am absolutely delighted to report that the food at Beetroot Sauvage is every bit as good as I expected. The vegan “cheese” platter is exceptional – I haven’t had the real thing in a good few years now, but this stuff is even better than the dairy-based cheese I remember. It’s a tough call, but the cashew blue is probably my favourite. It’s absolutely delicious spread on sourdough toast.

They also do really good coffee too, and you can bet that I will be back soon to try some of their tempting waffles!

As well as the café menu, there may be special events and supper club nights, so watch this space. One thing is for sure: this new plant-based venture is well worth your support. Pop along for a coffee, a yoga class, a bit of quiet meditation, and enjoy a great example of the brilliant Edinburgh community spirit.

Choice: ★★★★★
Menu info: ★★★★★
Deliciousness: ★★★★★
Value for money: ★★★★★








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