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The Herbivore Kitchen

The Herbivore Kitchen
65 Clerk Street

+44(0)7713 017 857

Overall score: ★★★★★

We were very excited to try The Herbivore Kitchen – this new completely vegetarian café in Newington comes with previous form, because it’s by the same people behind The Herbivore Supper Club, The Herbivore Box and those incredible brownies you find at pretty much every vegan fair in Scotland.

Alison has brought her legendary culinary skills to a permanent home in Newington, with a little help from her friends such as Sgaia’s Vegan Meats, Grumpy Food and Considerit. Read on to find out about the tasty options available at this new exciting café:

Vegan food available at The Herbivore Kitchen

Most of the dishes at The Herbivore Kitchen are suitable or can be made suitable for vegans. At the time of writing, those options are:


A stack of homemade pancakes topped with one of the following choices…

  • Sgaia streaky bacon with banana, pecans and maple syrup
  • Herbivore cranachan (coconut yoghurt, grilled pineapple and passionfruit)
  • Haggis with homemade giant baked beans

Rolls / Sandwiches

Served with a side salad of your choice (salads section see below)…

  • Black olive tapanade, roasted red peppers and tomatoes with watercress
  • Lemon, mint and edamame purée, chargrilled courgette and pea shoots
  • Tandoori aubergine, coriander chutney and pickled carrot ribbons


Served with a flatbread on the side…

  • Coconut and lime slaw with grilled pineapple and cashews
  • Tomato pesto, roasted beetroot, pea shoots and pickled red onion
  • Giant cous couse, date and tamarind dressing, butternut squash and zataar

Hot specials

  • Tom yum Thai broth with rice noodles
  • Three bean chilli, guacamole and cornbread

Kuku and salad

A choice of Grumpy Food kukus (ask at the counter for today’s selection) and a side salad of your choice (see salad section above)

Afternoon tea

Served with a pot of tea or mug of coffee…

  • Mini roll (choice of three), red pepper, almond and pomegranate molasses filo parcel, black forest opera cake and choice of cinnamon bun or cardamom scone served with rhubarb jam
  • Kuku, small bowl of salad, brownie, lemon curd and pistachio opera cake

Sweet treats

There’s always a bunch of sweet treats on offer, such as brownies, donuts, oat bars, scones and more. Take a look at the counter for the selection of the day.

Herbivore Kitchen Coasters


Grumpy Food Kuku and salad at the Herbivore Kitchen

Aubergine kuku by Grumpy Food, served with coconut slaw, grilled pineapple and cashew nut salad


Vegan pancakes at the Herbivore Kitchen

Vegan pancakes served with Sgaia’s streaky bacon, sliced banana, pecans and maple syrup


Salt and pepper shakers at the Herbivore Kitchen

Peek-a-boo! Such cute details


Aubergine roll and cous cous salad

Aubergine roll and cous cous salad


Grumpy Food Kuku and salad at the Herbivore Kitchen


Vegan pancakes at the Herbivore Kitchen


Grumpy Food Kuku at the Herbivore Kitchen


Aubergine roll and cous cous salad


Pug candles at the Herbivore Kitchen


Vegan cinnamon rolls at the Herbivore Kitchen

Vegan cinnamon rolls


Vegan peanut butter brownie at the Herbivore Kitchen

Vegan peanut butter brownies


Oreo donuts at the Herbivore Kitchen

Oreo donuts provided by Considerit


Oat Bars at the Herbivore Kitchen

Vegan oat bars


Vegan cinnamon rolls at the Herbivore Kitchen


Vegan mint brownie to take away at the Herbivore Kitchen

… with so many sweet treats, we simply had to nab one to take away!

With such an exciting menu filled with inventive options, Mr B and I really struggled to decide what to have! We finally settled on “bacon” and maple syrup pancakes for him, and a Grumpy Food kuku and salad for me.

The pancakes were super fluffy and served with a generous helping of Sgaia’s vegan streaky bacon. The cauliflower kuku was lovely and warm and served with a wee bit of their coconut and lime slaw. I really enjoyed this sweet and refreshing salad, and might just opt for the full helping next time so I can try their flatbread.

There was also a tempting selection of sweet treats and bakes, and we simply could not leave without trying their lovely vegan cinnamon rolls and grabbing a mint chocolate brownie for later.

The Herbivore Kitchen is a great wee addition to Newington’s main thoroughfare, offering a great range of lunchtime snacks and treats for vegans to sit in or takeaway. A fantastic option for an indulgent and cruelty-free brunch or lunch and I hope it remains a feature of Newington’s foodie scene for many years to come.

Choice: ★★★★☆
Menu info: ★★★★★
Deliciousness: ★★★★★
Value for money: ★★★★☆












  1. Hi!

    Thanks for mentioning Grumpy Food!!! The kuku that you have on picture is a courgette one, not the cauliflower one, but we do supply both to The Herbivore Kitchen!

    • Emma

      August 14, 2017 at 6:18 am

      Whoops – thanks for the heads up! I’ve fixed that now. They must have served me the wrong one, because it was definitely the cauliflower one I asked for! Either way, it was absolutely delicious 😛 Speak soon!

  2. Whoops… It is aubergine one!!! Definitely! Sorry, it was long week…

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