Organic Delicious
26 Morningside Road
EH10 4DA

+44(0)131 629 9861

Overall score: ★★★☆☆

A lot of my friends and fans on my Facebook page have been begging me to review Organic Delicious, a cute wee café in Morningside that specialises in vegan and gluten-free options which will refuel and re-energise. Having heard so many good reports about this place, I was excited to pop along with Mr B and find out what they have on offer.

Vegan food at Organic Delicious

The menu at Organic Delicious is brilliant for vegans. Around 80% of their healthy and wholesome menu is meat and dairy free, and all of the options are clearly marked on the menu. At the time of writing, these options are:


  • Breakfast smoothie bowl Banana, strawberries, raw cashew nuts, raw almond nuts, oats and your choice of milk
  • Homemade toasted muesli Packed full of superfoods and goodness, oats, nuts seeds and berries, served with your choice of milk
  • Artisan rustic toast Served with a fresh election of local vegan strawberry jam, honey (ask without to make vegan) and sunflower spread
  • Vegan cooked breakfast Vegan sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, fried banana and scrambled tofu served with freshly baked sourdough toast


  • Soup of the day served with freshly baked artisan bread
  • Bread and black olives
  • Veggie delight sandwich Cheddar cheese (which can be swapped out to be made vegan), avocado, pesto and cucumber served on freshly baked homemade ciabatta with a side salad
  • Falafel fantastica sandwich Chickpea, sesame & mint falafel, houmous, red pepper, tomato and onion relish, pesto and avocado, served on a freshly baked ciabatta with a side salad
  • Houmous toastie Homemade houmous, red pepper, tomato and onion relish on a freshly baked sourdough bread with a side salad
  • Hot & spicy vegan sausage sandwich with garlic mushrooms, avocado, red pepper, tomato and onion relish, served on a handmade freshly baked ciabatta with fresh salads of the day
  • Vegan chilli served hot with fresh salads of the day
  • Thai spring rolls served hot with fresh salads of the day
  • Tapas A selection of artisan freshly baked bread, handmade oatcakes, olives, dips and crunchy vegetable sticks for dipping
  • Salads of the day Vegan cooked and chilled salads made fresh every day

For kids

  • Soup of the day served with freshly baked artisan bread
  • Beans on toast Freshly baked sourdough bread and organic baked beans
  • Thai spring roll served hot with lots of veggie sticks and sweet chilli dipping sauce
  • Vegan chocolate or strawberry ice cream with chocolate sprinkles
  • Chocolate milkshake Banana, vegan chocolate ice cream and choice of non-dairy milk
  • Strawberry milkshake Banana, vegan strawberry ice cream and choice of non-dairy milk
  • Hot chocolate 
  • Babychino
  • Ella’s kitchen pouches

They also have a wide range of smoothies, juices and hot drinks, all designed to be comforting and good for you.

Sign outside Organic Delicious Edinburgh


A smoothie and a drink at Organic Delicious Edinburgh

Sunrise smooth smoothie


Spicy vegan sausage sandwich at Organic Delicious Edinburgh

Spicy vegan sausage sandwich with the bean salad of the day


Falafel Sandwich at Organic Delicious Edinburgh

Falafel fantastica!


Decoration at Organic Delicious Edinburgh


Spicy vegan sausage sandwich at Organic Delicious Edinburgh


Falafel Sandwich at Organic Delicious Edinburgh


Organic shop at Organic Delicious Edinburgh

They have a shop, too


Raw balls at Organic Delicious Edinburgh

Something for dessert…?

Mr B and I popped in for a bite of lunch, but we must have caught them on a bad day. Shortly after we took our seats at the table they shut their doors early due to staff shortages, and they had ran out of hummus which limited our menu choice.

I had the falafel fantastica sandwich, and simply swapped out the hummus for mushrooms. While it was a tasty combo, I think it was a little bit on the dry side due to the lack of hummus. However, the Sunrise Smooth smoothie that I slurped alongside it was delicious. Mr B happily munched his vegan sausage sandwich, but he said it wasn’t a patch on the cheap and cheerful offering at BBL.

Overall, we thought the meal was a little pricey for what we had and slightly underwhelming. This café has a good reputation among locals, so I am keen to return on a better day and explore more of the Organic Delicious menu – with a little more hummus perhaps.  🙂

Choice: ★★★★☆
Menu info: ★★★★★
Deliciousness: ★★★☆☆
Value for money: ★★☆☆☆