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Moon and Hare

Moon and Hare
167 Bruntsfield Place
EH10 4DG

+44(0)131 228 9250

Overall Score: ★★★★★

Don’t worry guys – it’s finally here.

Out of all of the places I have reviewed so far, Moon and Hare is far and away the most requested place from my fans on Facebook, so I couldn’t wait to pop along and see what it had to offer.

This wee café in Bruntsfield has become quite the institution in vegan and vegetarian circles, being a firm favourite for brunch, lunch or a super healthy smoothie.

Vegan food available at Moon and Hare

The great news is that everything on the menu at Moon and Hare right now is vegan! So whether you’re looking for a tasty breakfast or satisfying lunch, there’s plenty of delicious options to choose from.

At the time of writing, the menu includes:

Breakfast (served all day)

  • Sweet waffles served with your choice of:
    • Boston baked beans and coconut “bacon”
    • Banana, chocolate sauce and coconut chips
    • Fruit  compote, banana and coconut chips
    • Banana, coconut “butter”, maple syrup and coconut chips
    • (with the option to add a scoop of vegan ice cream for £1.50 – for extra decadence!)
  • Hola granola: Blend of buckwheat, oat, coconut and see granola sweetened with apple juice and maple syrup with banana, fruit compote, coconut chips and almond milk
  • Porridge of the day (served in the morning only): Quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat stewed with apples, cinnamon and nutmeg topped with banana, fruit compote, coconut chips and almond milk


  • Wraps served with your choice of filling:
    • Nori: Chilli spiced tofu, shredded carrot, beetroot and pickled turnip with miso and sunflower seed butter dressing
    • Falafel: Handmade falafel and hummus with rocket, shredded carrot and a garlic and tahini dressing
    • Mushroom: Mushroom and white bean ragout with thyme and rosemary served with rocket, chopped red pepper, black olives and spring onion
    • Black bean: Hearty black beans, chilli spiced tofu, kale and chilli jam
  • Baked potato or sweet potato with your choice of filling
    • Vegan Boston baked beans and coconut bacon
    • Mushroom and white bean ragout, olive tapenade, rocket and chilli jam
    • Hummus, slaw and falafel
  • Soup of the day (served in the afternoon only)
  • Socca waffle: Turmeric and cumin spiced chickpea flour waffle with olive and caper tapenade, rocket and tomato
  • Falafel salad bar: A plate of leaves, falafel, hummus, garlic tahini dressing and a choice of items from the deli counter


  • Glorious Green: Apple, spinach, ginger, cucumber, coriander and orange juice
  • Glorious Grasshopper: Apple, banana, spinach, peppermint and brown rice milk
  • Berry Godmother: Blueberries, raspberries, dates, banana and brown rice milk
  • Golden Milk: Banana, turmeric, ginger, dates, cinnamon, black pepper and brown rice milk
  • Banana Mocha: Banana, oats, dates, cocoa, espresso and brown rice milk

… plus the range of teas, coffees and mouthwatering cakes on display at the front counter!

The decorations at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

A café like Moon and Hare needs a mascot!


Falafel wrap at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

The falafel wrap


Baked potato with hummus, slaw and falafel at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

The baked potato with falafel, hummus and slaw


Tulips at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

Lovely flowers bring sunshine to a rainy day


Sweet vegan waffle with coconut, chocolate and banana at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

Sweet waffle with coconut chips, chocolate and banana. Ohmygoodness.


Menu holder and Moon and Hare Edinburgh


Falafel wrap at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

This satisfying wrap is a great option for lunch


Baked potato with hummus, slaw and falafel at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

As is this beautiful looking potato!


Lanterns at Moon and Hare Edinburgh


Sweet vegan waffle with coconut, chocolate and banana at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

Sometimes, for lunch, you should just have breakfast again.


Cake at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

Or cake.


Granola Bar at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

Moon and Hare lave lots of delicious cakes and bakes


Cake at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

Like this cake


Chocolate Quinoa Slice at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

Or this imaginative chocolate quinoa slice


Sweet potato cookies at Moon and Hare Edinburgh

How tempting do these cookies look?!

Even though my dining companions went for more lunch-y items, I saw the sweet waffle on the menu and it was love at first sight, I had to give it a go (yes, I was having breakfast at 2pm – I am an adult, I will do what I want)!

Well. Ohmygoodness. The waffle was absolutely incredible! The consistency of the waffle itself was perfect and fluffy, topped with a rich chocolate sauce and chopped banana for sweetness. I was a little wary of the toasted coconut, but this actually gave the dish a little bit of texture that I really enjoyed.

The baked potato and the wrap looked great as well, and both my (omni) friends munched them up quite happily. Next time, I’ll be sure to leave room for one of Moon and Hare’s cakes and bakes. I looked at them quite longingly as I was leaving… Still, something to look forward to for my next visit!

So is Moon and Hare worth the hype? Most definitely. For brunch or lunch, this charming wee café is a solid choice for vegans.

Choice: ★★★★★
Menu info: ★★★★★
Deliciousness: ★★★★★
Value for money: ★★★★☆

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  1. I’ve been vegan for years, I live literally across the road from the shop and have been once and only once. The food is great and service was lovely but I remember thinking it was extremely expensive for what I had so didn’t go back. I don’t mean to sound flippant but until I win the lottery these places remain places to visit once in a blue moon.

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