Bread Street Brasserie
34 Bread Street

+44(0)131 221 5558

Overall score: ★★★★★

On the first Wednesday of every month, Bread Street Brasserie throws open its doors to vegans with a tempting fixed price three-course menu. At the time of writing it’s £17.50 per person, but what you get for your money is pretty good value.

Expect a decent feed that is decadent, imaginative and leaves you wishing they made the same offering every night of the month!

Vegan food available at Bread Street Brasserie

Given the menu changes for each vegan night, I can’t say for certain exactly what dishes will be available. Having said that, the structure of the menu stays roughly the same from month to month: there are usually three options to choose from for each course, and there is usually a gluten-free option or two as well. And yes, the bread and butter they serve before the meal is vegan, too.

The three course menu is only available on the first Thursday of every month, however if you choose to go any other night I have been assured that the kitchen will still be happy to cater for vegan requirements. To give you an idea of the calibre of food on offer, here are a few snaps of the last meal I had there (March 2017):

Bread and butter at Bread Street Brasserie

Bread and butter – yes, it’s vegan!


Vegan soup at Bread Street Brasserie

Lentil, chickpea and vegetable soup – went down very well with Mr B


Vegan tempura at Bread Street Brasserie, Edinburgh

Baby vegetable tempura, with beetroot hummus and avocado dip


Vegan Sausage Casserole at Bread Street Brasserie, Edinburgh

Vegan sausage casserole served with sweet potato leek mash


Vegan Burger at Bread Street Brasserie

One of the better vegan burgers I’ve had in a while


Vegan Sausage Casserole at Bread Street Brasserie, Edinburgh

The vegan sausage casserole – a comforting treat


Vegan Burger at Bread Street Brasserie

Black bean burger with agave nectar and red cabbage slaw


Chips and onion rings at Bread Street Brasserie

The vegan burger came with cajun spiced hand cut chips and onion rings


Vegan Chocolate Mousse at Bread Street Brasserie, Edinburgh

Vegan and avocado chocolate mousse – beautiful and rich


Vegan Apple Crumble at Bread Street Brasserie

Tasty vegan apple crumble

If this meal is anything to go by, the food at Bread Street Brasserie is absolutely cracking. The smart surroundings and the unusual dishes make this the ideal spot to enjoy something a bit special. A special mention must be given to the staff as well. Helpful and patient, they are happy to answer any questions you have and make time to give you a real pleasant experience.

Bread Street Brasserie vegan nights generally occur on the first Wednesday of the month. You can find out more about their next menu on their website.  Definitely worth going along and spoiling yourself!

Choice: ★★★★☆
Menu info: ★★★★★
Deliciousness: ★★★★★
Value for money: ★★★★☆